Samsung launches a dedicated Newsroom for fans in Italy

Samsung has today launched a new Newsroom for its fans in Italy. The firm will use the digital portal to provide local media and customers with information about business insights, company news and product announcement in Italian.

In a post published on its Global Newsroom, Samsung noted that Italy is the fourteenth Newsroom it’s launched, following the Global newsroom, and local editions in Brazil, Germany, India, Korea and the United States, to name but a few.

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“Samsung established its presence in Italy in 1991 and has since become a key driver of the consumer electronics market’s growth,” said the firm, adding that it’s “committed to fostering a culture of innovation in the country.”

Don’t forget about SamMobile!

We should point out, however, that Samsung only uses its Newsrooms to publish press releases, so you most definitely won’t find any leaks there. For the latest news, leaks and opinions, be sure to keep your browser pointed to SamMobile.

To see what Newsroom Italy is all about, follow this link.


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