Themes Thursday: Here are this week’s five best new themes

We’re back one more edition of Themes Thursday! There are plenty of new themes for Galaxy smartphones every week, and we’re here to help you in shortlisting the best ones.

This week, we found five themes interesting, and all of them have been listed below along with their screenshots. The [Binod] PastelUI is a simplistic theme with a brighter UI and rounded square icons. The [Binod] SwanUI has blue as its central color as well as slick icons and an AOD wallpaper.

The [JIN] Lovesome theme pack has a brilliant AOD wallpaper, circular icons, and a great looking wallpaper. The [THENEW] Happy Thanks (AOD/Iris)_Lee Dhan theme looks good too, and it will suit those who are looking to buy a darker UI theme. The Berlin _MINDON Design theme looks interesting too.

Which new theme pack did you end up downloading on your Galaxy smartphone?

[Binod] PastelUI

[Binod] SwanUI

[JIN] Lovesome

[THENEW] Happy Thanks (AOD/Iris)_Lee Dhan

Berlin _MINDON Design

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lol. no MIU theme by Kendi 😀 … wtf