Themes Thursday: Here are this week’s five best themes

Amidst all the exciting news about the most awaited phablet, the Galaxy Note 8, we’re back with this week’s best new theme packs. It’s Themes Thursday, and we have five new themes that caught our eye. If you’re thinking of jazzing up your Galaxy smartphone, check out the themes below.

The [Binod] AlohaUI theme has large leaves as background, circular icons, and a brighter color theme. If purple is your color, check out the [FIET] Minimal Purple theme. The Fall season is about to arrive, and if you want to match your phone’s look to it, check out [THENEW] Fallen Leaves (AOD/Iris)_ Lee Dhan theme. T-Puppy Flowers Outing and Wolf themes look great too.

Which new theme did you like this week for your Galaxy?

[Binod] AlohaUI
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [Binod] AlohaUI

[FIET] Minimal Purple
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [FIET] Minimal Purple

[THENEW] Fallen Leaves (AOD/Iris)_ Lee Dhan
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [THENEW] Fallen Leaves (AOD:Iris)_ Lee Dhan

T-Puppy Flowers Outing
Samsung Galaxy Theme - T-Puppy Flowers Outing

Samsung Galaxy Theme - Wolf



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