Samsung names Eom Young-hoon as new CEO of North American divison

Samsung carried out a small-scale executive reshuffle on July 1, appointing former visual display marketing leader Kim Moon-so as the new European chief, and Eom Young-hoon, who had previously led its European office, as the new CEO of its North American subsidiary.

The move was reportedly triggered by Gregory Lee’s decision to step down from his position as chief of Samsung North America in favor of a new opportunity at Nokia Technology, where he’s currently acting as president and is a trusted member of Nokia Corporation’s Group Leadership Team.

“Lee led the North American office since 2013,” reveals a report published online publication The Investor on Tuesday. “Prior to that, he served as global marketing head and South East Asia chief,” and “also worked for Nongshim Kellogg and Johnson & Johnson before joining Samsung in 2004.”

North America is one of Samsung’s most prized markets, which accounted for approximately one-third of the company’s $175.5 billion revenue in 2016.


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