You can now stream PC games on your Samsung smart TV using the Steam Link app

It was revealed nine months ago that Samsung was working with Steam to integrate the latter’s PC game streaming technology into its smart TVs. Now, a beta version of Valve’s Steam Link app is available through Samsung’s app store. It can be used to stream games from a PC on a local network. The app works on all 2016 and 2017 4K TVs from Samsung.

PCGamer’s Wes Fenlon tried some heavy gaming on a recent Samsung 4K smart TV using the Steam Link app, and found it to be pretty darn good for a beta version. Apparently, the app paired with a Steam Controller but was missing keystrokes, but the Xbox wireless controller worked pretty well. He tried simple games like Broforce (which didn’t work too well) as well as heavy games like Dark Souls 3 (which worked flawlessly).

If you wish to try out game streaming on your Samsung TV using Steam Link, you should hook up the TV as well as your gaming PC to your router using ethernet cables to avoid lag. After downloading the app from the app store on the TV, you have to sign in to your account, and it should be able to detect your PC on the local network. Since this is a beta version of the app, don’t expect it to work flawlessly.

Samsung TV Steam Link Game Streaming App


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