Spotify rolls out offline music playback feature to Gear S3 in Sweden

After the Gear S3’s announcement in August 2016, Spotify launched its standalone app for the smartwatch in December last year. However, the app required a working Internet connection to be able to stream music. Now, the Sweden-based music and video streaming company has announced that it has started rolling out offline playback capability to its Gear S3 app.

The offline playback feature in the Spotify app lets users save playlists locally to the Classic and Frontier variants of the Gear S3. The feature is currently being rolled out to users in Sweden, and could be expanded to users in other countries where Spotify is officially available. Samsung’s official music player will no longer be the only way to listen music offline on the Gear S3.

Gear S3 owners in Sweden who are subscribed to Spotify can save music offline on their smartwatches and listen through its loudspeaker or through paired wireless headphones or speakers. This is a very handy feature, especially for the non-LTE variant of the Gear S3, since it helps in saving battery life and users can play music on the go while working out.

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It works just as well on the Gear S2’s so would be great if you update the article.


Great news! Erases one of the few flaws I have with this absolutely great Smartwatch.


I gave up with the current version as it kept flagging a BT not connected, yet my watch was connected, even after a reinstall same issue.