Themes Thursday: Take a look at this week’s three new best themes

Welcome back to Themes Thursday, our weekly series where we showcase some of the best new theme packs released for Galaxy smartphones. Samsung has released 311 new theme packs in the Theme Store over the past seven days, and we’ve shortlisted three of them. We think that most people would like these themes, and you can find them in the Theme Store on your compatible Galaxy device.

All three themes listed here have been designed by Binod Kumar Ray, and they come with good-looking AoD wallpapers. The BlueCityUI theme has a bright UI with turquoise as its focus color. The ScubaUI has a very good AoD wallpaper and a bright UI with orange as its base color. The SurfBoardUI theme is the best of the bunch, thanks to its neatly designed icons, bright UI, and attractive backgrounds.

[Binod] BlueCityUI
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [Binod] BlueCityUI

[Binod] ScubaUI
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [Binod] ScubaUI

[Binod] SurfBoardUI
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [Binod] SurfBoardUI

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