Leaked images show it will be easy to spot a refurbished Galaxy Note 7


Last updated: May 29th, 2017 at 13:05 UTC+01:00

Samsung confirmed a few months back that it’s going to release a refurbished variant of the Galaxy Note 7 in select markets across the globe. It’s going to be the same handset that was recalled but with a smaller battery.

Samsung is yet to confirm what it’s going to call the device and how much it’s going to cost. Reports suggest that the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 may be called the Galaxy Note FE or “Fan Edition.” Again, no confirmation from Samsung about this as yet.

If the latest leaked images are believed, it may be very easy to differentiate a refurbished unit from an original Galaxy Note 7 unit. The Galaxy Note FE may have a big “R” symbol at the back on the bottom to denote that it’s a refurbished unit.

It will enable people to ascertain at a glance whether or not it’s a genuinely refurbished unit. This is something we’ve seen in a previous leak as well so the likelihood of this happening is increasing.

Samsung is yet to confirm when we can expect the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 to come out, the markets in which it’s going to be released and how much it’s going to charge for this handset.


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