Automatic HDMI switching is proving to be a nuisance for Samsung TV owners

There are countless replies on a post on Samsung’s official Community forum that’s calling on the company to add an option to disable automatic HDMI switching. Imagine you’ve got a set-top box or PC hooked up to your Samsung TV via HDMI.

You’re watching something on the TV from another input source. The moment that set-top box or TV is turned on, your TV automatically switches to the HDMI source even though you don’t want it too. This can prove to be quite frustrating.

This behavior appears to be limited to Samsung’s 2016 models. This hasn’t actually been detailed as a feature so there’s no clear way on how to disable automatic HDMI switching.

Reports about this issue have picked up considerably since the Nintendo Switch gaming console was released. It, and some other devices, have been causing Samsung TVs to automatically switch over to the HDMI input even whey they’re in sleep mode.

Samsung support seems to have no clear answer as well so users have had no luck with firmware resets and playing with various options. Users affected by this have figured out a temporary way to prevent this from happening, they suggest adding an HDMI switcher to the connection between the HDMI device and the TV.

The Verge has reached out to Samsung for a comment on this matter but the company has not responded as yet.


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    I’ve suffered this on my KS8000 with a nintendo switch, had to plug the switch to the home teather to prevent this from happening as it goes to switch HDMI even with the console off, its extremely annoying an it doesnt happen with any other device i have, at least not unwantedly( xbox one, xbox 360 or sony sound system)