[Update: More evidence!] Samsung Pay may launch in the UK on May 16th

We don’t always believe Samsung’s customer care executives and social media reps when it comes to information on things like software updates. Samsung UK has a particularly bad track record, but it looks it might be right about the possible launch date of Samsung Pay in the UK. We’ve seen many of our readers complaining about how Samsung Pay is not available in the country after all this time, but it looks like their wait will soon be at an end.

One of our readers has sent us a record of his chat with two different Samsung representatives, and both mention May 16th as the date of launch of Samsung Pay in the UK. Given the support reps are giving out a concrete date, it certainly seems like the information is based on fact. As in other countries, Samsung Pay will support both NFC and MST payments in the UK to cover a large range of payment terminals.

As usual, there’s a possibility Samsung’s plans might change, and we’ll keep you updated with anything we hear on Samsung Pay for the UK.

samsung pay mst

samsung pay

Update: We’ve spotted more evidence in the form of a product page over on Samsung’s website that confirms Samsung Pay will launch in the UK in the not-too-distant future, though it doesn’t mention the alleged May 16 release date.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 13.52.14


Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 19.49.23

Thanks, Alex and Mohammed!

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8 days 7 hours ago

anybody having issue with updating mine goes to 96% and fails

22 days 22 hours ago

Thing is no bank will support this, take Barclays and Barclaycard they only do their own apps, you use them and them alone.

Be good to hear from other UK folk but assume it is the same.

So how on earth Samsung Pay will even work, i dunno, probably like that horrible Vodafone Pay, where you loaded cash on to it constantly.

22 days 15 hours ago

Lloyds were one of the first to support Apple and Android Pay, though they do not have their own banking app for contactless payments, the real appeal for me is the MST, being able to use it on any terminal without worrying it will fail.

22 days 20 hours ago

Barclays are more or less alone in the go in alone approach though. The other major UK bank brands all support Android Pay. There are plenty of small banks and building societies missing, but between Lloyds, RBS, HSBC and Santander, you cover nearly three quarters of UK account holders. It’s one if the reasons it’s surprising it has taken Samsung this long to launch. The UK’s bank mix is so consolidated – far more so than the US – that one would think it wouldn’t be that hard to win over two or three of the major banks to get a critical mass to launch.

No prepayment needed like past wallet apps. Samsung Pay is just like Android/Apple pay – add charges post to your account just like tapping your card.

23 days 2 minutes ago


A Sweaty Womble
23 days 11 hours ago

The DFS sale will end before Samsung Pay is released in the UK.

You’re a good person if you understand the joke. :D

21 days 4 hours ago

That was good :D

22 days 22 hours ago

LOL perfect, the never ending BS.

23 days 5 hours ago

Actually laughed out loud at that!

23 days 14 hours ago

Samsung UK has an official Samsung Pay webpage that wasn’t there before:


seems its definitely coming soon

22 days 21 hours ago

Really hopeful it is coming, but still a bit skeptical. This page was clearly built a while ago, given that the images are the s7 and it says the current supported countries are just USA, South Korea and China.

22 days 15 hours ago

I know, but the official Samsung Pay (general) webpage only states US and South Korea! One can hope!

23 days 15 hours ago

What’s the source of the Q&A support page? It’s a bit surprising that MBNA isn’t listed (since they confirmed they would support from launch last year) and also slightly suspicious given that Amex doesn’t issue debit cards.

23 days 17 hours ago

Heard that before.

23 days 22 hours ago

What a joke more than a year late and already of no value, as all major banks have their own (most don’t share), we have Android Pay and Apple Pay – so why on earth put effort in to a futile now pointless launch – Samsung should focus on learning lessons …

Oops queue Bixby – what a disaster i hate it, we had a remap Samsung keep blocking, here we go again.

24 days 10 hours ago

I say it be due soon as the uk ver of the s8 have no links to android pay like they was always adding to s7

24 days 12 hours ago

Too late to be honest. We’ve had Contactless for ages and very few MST only… So I’ll stick with Android Pay. Still, it would have been a bit of fun paying for something with my Samsung at a MST terminal with a Apple boy behind trying to do the same ☺️☺️☺️

24 days 10 hours ago

There’s also another thing about Samsung pay that is cool but not usually advertised; They’ve bought the Mobeam tech which allows the phone to simulate barcodes for membership cards by IR. Most new barcode readers use photo imaging and not real “barcode readers” like before but it’s a good tool to have. My gym and a few grocery stores in Canada are still on the old scanners and it’s nice to be able to use it through Samsung Pay and be sure they work everywhere (can finally really ditch those cards). It’s the same use through the app Beep n’ go from Mobeam but that app will be shut down in mid May.

24 days 13 hours ago

I hope France will come soon, and i hope they will stop looking at the CSC of the phone for locking Samsung Pay !!! I got a korean S8/with 6gb Ram // And i hope i will be able to use SPay in europe !!!

23 days 13 hours ago

Flash the firmware

24 days 13 hours ago

Great. Now I have to wish away half the month in anticipation for this launch! A bloody well long time coming!

24 days 14 hours ago

Great. Seems the roll out is now becoming really faster and expanding regions at good pace.
From reports this would be 5th region in one month.

24 days 6 hours ago

I know right! I’ve only been waiting since 2015. Since then I gave up on Samsung.

24 days 8 hours ago

it was announced in 2015, so it is very very slow in my opinion…