[Sponsored] Two ways to record games on Samsung/Android devices

The thing is that I am not a huge game player, but I play enough, read enough, and talk enough to know that other game players do this. I wanted to do it too. How on earth could I do a screen capture, of a sequence of a game? I had got bored of trying to explain to a friend how to crack a particular section of Angry Birds. Yes, I know, some people do still play it! He just did not seem to understand my instructions, even though, at least in my mind, they were wonderfully clear. In exasperation, knowing that others did it, therefore convinced that I should be able to do it, I said I would send him a screen capture. Yes, I said it slightly incorrectly. I should have said that I would record the android gameplay and send him a video capture.

Everybody on this planet, at least everyone who uses the internet should get on their knees in the direction of Google HQ. We cannot get into the positives and negatives here, but what Google has done to move us forward in the connected world is beyond comparison.

Their Google Play Games is not a great innovation, it is following the curve rather than leading it, but they are to be applauded for developing and publishing the app. It works well. No point in messing about, there are tons of reviews, and ‘how to’ videos out there, and there is barely a negative word to say about the software’s basic functionality. That is the thing, it is basic.


It is a silly thing, but I cannot get past the silly name. Google Play Games? Doesn’t it strike anybody else? It does not actually make sense! Are they boasting, that they sit around at HQ, on their designer couches, and play games all day? As they have done in other instances, drop the ‘Google’ and give it a name which means something! Play Games Centre, Play Store Gaming Centre … anything like that. In fact it appears on your phone’s screen as ‘Play’. Sorry, but it bugs me. Neither do I understand why they use a symbol which looks like a PlayStation controller. I’m being picky. I’ll try to shut up.

My best suggestion is Play Dashboard. As we have got used to in many different scenarios, (I do not want to scare anyone, but I think that it was originally in Microsoft’s Access database program!), a ‘dashboard’ is a place from which you launch various actions. A starting point. If you open the Google Play Games app, it will present a screen for you to scroll up and down your games, choose the one which you want to play and there will be the well enough known round symbol, the one which you touch to record, which you have seen often enough before.


It is that easy really. Once you have played the game, recorded what you want, then you can do some basic editing and share the game with the usual suspects, YouTube et al. But, in all my thrashing around, trying to work this out, one name kept coming up. I had heard of Wondershare, and I am fairly sure that, many years ago, I actually used one of their dr.fone applications to rescue an iPhone from a near death situation. It seems they now have quite a lot of new tools. This one caught my eye.


For a start, they seem to be nice people over there. I had to wonder how many other software publishers give positive reviews to their competition. I will invest in software, but I have to be very convinced. I actually bought this software, paid out just $25 for a lifetime subscription. Why on earth would I do that, when I already have a free tool from Google, to do the job already? Here’s why.

I like quality. Who doesn’t? Does a photograph ever look at its best on the screen of your phone? Doesn’t any photograph always look better on the screen of your laptop or desktop? The same can be said of video too.

If you want to record a sequence of a game, probably quite a long-extended piece which is complicated to complete, which in all honesty, you only manage to do about one time in five, do you really want to do that with a USB cable stuck into your phone. Try it! It is not fun. It makes playing the game unbelievably more difficult.

So! Here is the clever thing which Android screen recorder of dr.fone toolkit does. It sends the recording of your game direct to your PC… wirelessly! Just pause for a moment. Think about the possibilities. I certainly did, and realised that it that it has lots of benefits. I admit that I was thinking beyond the simple recording of games and other things which I might do in the future. However, though I like to think of myself as quite computer savvy, I am still largely a ‘consumer’ rather than a ‘producer’ on my phone. I much prefer the quality of seeing a video on my PC screen. Even more so, I prefer editing items on my PC. That simple. I can lay on the sofa in my office, playing a game, and it is immediately broadcast by Wi-Fi to my working machine. I like that. It is quality.


Oh! Oh! Did you see another possibility? Returning to the previous topic, do you want to show your photos to someone? As we have agreed, it is not very satisfactory when you look at them on even a 6” screen, but with the Android screen recorder tool, you can send them straight to your biggest screen. It is easy. Want to show a presentation, a slide show, a PDF document, any document … it is very easy with dr.fone. And, in case you forget, it provides a good way of making video captures of your amazing game play.


Conclusion? There is a great deal of choice out there. Google’s app does a good enough job, with the condition that you do need a fairly recent phone. The dr.fone Android Screen Recorder offers various ways for you to use it, a good but simple interface, easy video capture, and much, much more. I like it. I bought it.

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