[Poll Results!] How would you rate Samsung’s update policy at this point in time?

Samsung’s firmware update policy has always left a lot to be desired, as we’ve expressed time and again, but the company has been making some sincere efforts lately. It was surprisingly efficient in setting up the Galaxy Beta Program for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge and subsequently releasing the firmware for both handsets. Its monthly security updates need to be applauded as well. So if this has been something which has irked you in the past, vote below and let us know how you rate Samsung’s update policy at this point in time and share with us in the comments the improvements you think it can make.

Results: We find, rather unsurprisingly, that 55 percent of all those who voted in this poll would only rate Samsung’s update policy as 1 star. However, 34 percent feel that Samsung needs to make significant improvements to its policy. Only 10 percent feel that Samsung’s update policy has been considerably improved.

How would you rate Samsung's update policy at this point in time?

  • 1 Star. I think the update policy is flawed and needs an overhaul (55%, 2,252 Votes)
  • 3 Stars. I think significant improvements need to be made (34%, 1,404 Votes)
  • 5 Stars! I think Samsung has made considerable improvement (10%, 421 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,077

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2 months 19 hours ago

Samsung’s update policy is appalling and fragmented. I’m using the Samsung galaxy S6 edge+ and I’m still on Android 6.0.1

2 months 6 days ago

Still on 6.0.1 on my S7 edge with the december security update.
It’s an unlocked carrier free G935F for crying out loud.
Just roll out the update & we good, Shamesung.

2 months 9 days ago

Where is the 6.0 (Marshmallow) for my Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)?? You keep releasing Security Updates but still keep your devices up to date.

2 months 9 days ago

I update by flashing firmware. If you wait for OTA update it will take forever to arrive.

2 months 10 days ago

Applaud monthly security updates? why should i? My S7 didn’t get monthly security updates. Samsung skip 2 or 3 months. Still on december 2016, still no Nougat. Never Samsung phone again. At launch they promised fast updates. They didn’t deliver.

2 months 14 days ago

I bought my S7 edge in the Samsung Shop in France and I’m still waiting on the Nougat firmware update!
I don’t understand why Orange and SFR deployment started months ago on their S7 edges but Samsung themselves are so far behind… :-(

2 months 15 days ago


Kevin Borkloe
2 months 17 days ago

❤Still love you samsung❤
But please please please release the update for Ukraine for my S7 edge this month pleeaasseee….

2 months 17 days ago

Singapore Samsung S7 edge, still waiting for Nougat 7.00000………..

What is your problem? Do it better.

2 months 22 days ago

samsung france s7 unclocked still waiting….

alex fabiano mendes
2 months 22 days ago

Essa samsung mas que demora para atualizar o galaxy s6 para o nougat 7.0

2 months 23 days ago

my wife’s galaxy a9 (non pro) has been stuck on sept 1, 2016 security patch. c’mon samsung.. don’t tell me you’ve abandoned it that quickly..

2 months 24 days ago

…which update policy? Do you mean the catastrophy that they where (one of) the last OEMs to roll out Nougat on any of their devices?

2 months 24 days ago

It may not be very well, but it definitely does not outweigh Asus and Lenovo in incompetence on this issue. And here in Brazil, LG is not saved, either.

Daban Abbas
2 months 25 days ago

Unlocked s7 edge and still waiting for 7.0

2 months 25 days ago

Samsung is just inconsistent is all. Like these poll answer choices… Who wrote them?

A few things I have noticed are, when a new device comes out, they stop updating old ones for a period of time clearly to force the upgrade.

Also, my Note Edge is on Verizon and I am on 6.0.1 January 2017 security update. It’s a pretty old device so why does it have newer security than newer phones? I’m not complaining with this one though …

Finally, carriers and Samsung desiring to appeal to carriers creates a situation where Samsung is unable to keep up with their own portfolio of devices and software. The flipside of that is that consumers don’t care. As long as Samsung is selling the most devices, they have no interest in worrying about bugs and updates.

2 months 25 days ago

I’m still waiting for the global firmware updates. Samsung is big enough now. They can ask carriers to not mess with their phones like the Pixel and the iphone.

Samsung has to put more money on their Android team.

2 months 25 days ago

Very bad and tooo late update for flagships . My s7 edge iraq firmware don get nougat yet ..

2 months 25 days ago

They have just to many shitty phones. Why don’t they have 1 good 1 medium 1 hight end and maybe 1 premium (note 8 that would have it all all the damn features you can put in the phone, I rly don’t care about te price that much until its rly the best phone money can buy). And do like US region update/EU/Asia ant so on. Not f country… I’am still on MM with S7E… older phones can wish about Nougat, maybe in summer lol

2 months 25 days ago

Still on October security patch on my S6…. Pants

2 months 25 days ago

Two months after Samsung started rolling the S7 edge Nougat I’m still waiting… it seems that some regions money is less worth for Samsung than others…

2 months 25 days ago

galaxy s6 owner
still waiting for my nougat update

2 months 25 days ago

Galaxy S7 owner
and still waiting for the nougat update…

2 months 25 days ago

Samsung is only partly to blame for perceived late software updates. The problem lays with blogs and others like Sammobile who raise expectations for new software within weeks of any change. You can bet by the end of April Sammobile will be hankering for the next major update. Of course, if you think all this hype about updates is worthy of good journalism just take this comment with “a pinch of salt”. Many I talk to are quite underwhelmed by the latest 6 to 7 update.The changes were minimal.

2 months 25 days ago

All the comments are saying Samsung sucks but not why. I have over 10 Samsung devices and only 2 get updates even though half of mine are only 2 years old. For example I have a note 10.1 2012 edition US variant and never got kit Kat which makes the tab usable again according to the entire world that got the update except the millions in the US. Also, aside from carrier bs, regional updates. Cut that Samsung it just makes things more complicated. Apply regional changes in the app store not the device software. That allows unity in developing and relaxing updates. Learn a thing or two from Apple. Another personal reason I dislike them is because I believe they don’t build devices to last and long as they can. Some arguably are (s5, S7 etc) but a lot fail too much. That’s less updates but more Samsung co.in the end there’s lots of room for improvement and Samsung is best overall but they gotta step up their game. Not much I can do about it though because they know I’m not gonna buy an iPhone just for updates

2 months 25 days ago

Samsung has completely thrown unlocked US purchasers to the curb. Security updates once every 3 to 4 months. No Nougat in sight. Never again will I pay for a Samsung device, let alone pay a premium for an unlocked device for which I was told would be supported above and beyond the carrier branded version in this regard. And I’m not alone. The US Samsung Support forums have blown up about update issues.

2 months 23 days ago

You are correct, I think it’s a way of helping carries gain more customers, by having the unlocked version wait for updates! I was thinking about the S8 plus for my next phone, think I’ll hold off until I see what the Google Pix-2 have to offer.

2 months 25 days ago

Same here for the EU version, I bought the S6 edge+ unlocked (Samsung’s most expensive flagship to date) with the idea that the uncarrier version would be first for updates. I was wrong. Irritating on my previous phone before that my carrier was last in the UK to send out the updates; but with the edge+ it was one of the first, and I had to wait for the BTU unlocked MM update to arrive. I still flashed the Spanish unlocked version because I could, but I shouldn’t have to. unlocked is unlocked. should be universal updates for those devices.
I know the S6 BTU and S7 BTU both got the Beta and first to get official updates, but the S6 edge+ did not.

2 months 25 days ago

I like Samsung, but their idea of a software update is buy a new device.

2 months 24 days ago

LG is much worse in this respect.
The K10 2016 came with Android 6.0, and the K10 2017 came with Android 7.0. And the previous model has no prospect that will be updated.
Not to mention that there are conversations that the G4 and the V10, of the same time of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5, will not receive Android Nougat.