Galaxy Note 5 for AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon receives Wi-Fi certification running Nougat

Now that Samsung has started rolling out Android 7.0 to the Galaxy S7 and the S7 edge, it’s time for older devices to get the update. The Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, and the Galaxy S6 edge+ are next in line to receive the Nougat update.

Variants of the Galaxy Note 5 for the US carriers AT&T (SM-N920A), Sprint (SM-N920P), and Verizon (SM-N920V) have received Wi-Fi certification running Android 7.0. This means that Samsung could release Nougat update to all these variants in a matter of weeks. However, additional testing may take time, and the rollout date might differ depending on the carrier.

Additionally, other variants of the Galaxy Note 5 – SM-N9200, SM-N9209 (China Telecom), SM-N920R4 (US Cellular), SM-N920R6 (Cellcom) and SM-N920R7 (C Spire) – have received a similar certification.


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Android 7.0 Wi-FI Certification


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920A AT&T Android 7.0 Wi-FI Certification

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920P Sprint Android 7.0 Wi-FI Certification

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 SM-N9209 China Android 7.0 Wi-FI Certification


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9 days 16 hours ago

I have a Galaxy A5 (2017)
When can I expect nougat?

9 days 16 hours ago

Note 4 ??????

10 days 2 hours ago

Are you saying you got an OTA update to Nougat from Marshmallow on your AT&T S7??? What is the Build # Please????

10 days 10 hours ago

omg u guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just got nougat on the smg935a omg omg so excited, i was so surprised yes i am totatlly sure its on the att model, official firmawre. I got it over the air. Omg its like getting a new phone

10 days 9 hours ago

Me too just got on my smg930a(Galaxy S7). Snappy as hell. Love it! Gotta give it to AT&T, they never get updates out this fast.

11 days 1 hour ago

For the N920C, is it before or after that?
Thank you

11 days 1 hour ago

is it that hard to release all the versions for galaxy s6 and galaxy s7? come on man this is pure bullshit you tested everything out what does it matter if its releases this week or next week and the roms are done so release all the damn updates and dont make people angry with your retarted stuff like this stop bullshitting people you can copy everything that appel does but the most important thing you dont copy the update policy!!! damn no more samsung for me

10 days 14 hours ago

Samsung builds different software for every single different variant based on what carriers request. If it was the same software going to every phone, it would take far less time.

That’s why Apple is able to push updates out to all of their phones within a week, no matter whether they are on carriers or not. Apple controls the carriers. With Samsung it’s the opposite, the carriers control Samsung.

Vignesh Shanmugam
11 days 1 hour ago

what about n920g.??

10 days 23 hours ago

Nougat will arrive for Note5 (SM-N920G) in India by the end of February or 1st week of March.