Samsung likely to bring Chromecast-like media streaming functionality to its smart TVs

Samsung has updated its Smart View app for iOS devices ahead of CES 2017, and the app will likely bring a Chromecast or AirPlay-like functionality to its Smart TVs shortly. The app has been offering a way to beam photos, videos, and music stored locally on smartphones to compatible TVs for quite some time now. However, version 2.0 of the app brings a major UI redesign and some new features.

As per the screenshots, the new version of the Smart View app now shows content from a variety of streaming content providers such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube, and others. Users can utilize the new app to beam streaming content to their compatible TV sets, offering a Chromecast-like functionality. There appears to be a universal search feature where users can search for popular content.

Samsung acquired Boxee in 2013 to completely revamp software on its smart TVs as it wanted to move away from apps to a more natural UI by merging electronic program guide and streaming content. However, the project was killed, and most of the employees were laid off. Now, it appears that some of the ideas managed to survive and are now being used by the company.

Samsung Smart View iOS App


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