Themes Thursday: Five best themes from this week

We’re back with this week’s Themes Thursday! Out of dozens of themes released that were released this week for compatible smartphones, we’ve shortlisted five that you might end up liking.

Samsung has designed Field, Simple Desert, and Yellow Boat themes, and all of them are free to download. If you’re still in a Christmas mood, you should check out the cute Greeny Christmas theme pack. Too bad that most of the New Year themes are too flashy to recommend.

Which themes did you like from this week?

Field | Free
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Field - Free

Greeny Christmas | Paid
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Greeny Christmas - Paid

Mountain – THENEW | Paid
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Mountain - THENEW - Paid

Simple Desert | Free
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Simple Desert - Free

Yellow Boat | Free
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Yellow Boat - Free

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