Themes Thursday: Here are the six best themes released this week

Themes offer an easier way to customise your Galaxy smartphone experience, and Samsung introduced this feature starting with the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. The company releases dozens of themes every week, and we shortlist the best among them and present them here on Themes Thursday.

This week, Samsung has released a collection of whopping 135 themes and we’ve shortlisted six that we think look great. Two themes, [HIO] Coral Blue and Mid Autumn, are listed for free and absolutely worth installing. Material Grace Light and No 7 Theme are the ones that give us a chance to try out Galaxy Note 7’s default theme on other devices.

[Kendi] Aura and NaturalUI are very well-designed themes, but they are paid, just like Material Grace Light and No 7 Theme. All the themes that we selected today offer sophisticated designs and consistently designed icons. The Mid Autumn theme features a custom Always On Display widget as well, so go check it out!

[HIO] Coral Blue | Free
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [HIO] Coral Blue

[Kendi] Aura | Paid
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [Kendi] Aura

Material Grace Light | Paid
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Material Grace Light

Mid Autumn | Free
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Mid Autumn

NaturalUI | Paid
Samsung Galaxy Theme - NaturalUI

No 7 Theme | Paid
Samsung Galaxy Theme - No 7 Theme

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