09-06-2016 Firmware Updates: Galaxy S5, Galaxy Grand Prime, Galaxy S7, and more

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Samsung has a plethora of phones and tablets in its lineup and regularly releases firmware updates for various devices. These can include major updates, which bring a newer version of the OS to a particular device, or minor ones that improve performance and stability and fix bugs. Software updates for Samsung devices roll out in various regions every day, and you can find out which firmware updates were pushed out by the company over the last 24 hours through our firmware list.

As usual, you can download each of these firmware from our firmware section (simply enter your device’s model number to view all firmware for that device) in order to update to a new firmware manually, or as a means to return to your phone or tablet’s stock software.

Country (Product Code)ModelModel NameVersionPDA
Argentina (Movistar)(UFN)SM-G900MGALAXY S56.0.1G900MUBS1CPG4
Argentina (Movistar)(UFN)SM-G900MGALAXY S56.0.1G900MUBS1CPH3
Brazil (Claro)(ZTA)SM-N920GGalaxy Note 56.0.1N920GUBS2BPH2
Canada(XAC)SM-T700GALAXY TabS5.0.2T700XXU1BOK1
Caucasus Countries(CAU)SM-G7102GALAXY GRAND24.4.2G7102XXUBOF1
Cellular south(XAR)SM-T5806.0.1T580UEU1APG1
Cellular south(XAR)SM-T700GALAXY TabS5.0.2T700XXU1BOK1
Czech Republic (T-Mobile)(TMZ)SM-G930FGalaxy S76.0.1G930FXXU1BPHB
France(XEF)SM-G920FGalaxy S66.0.1G920FXXU4DPGW
France (SFR)(SFR)SM-N930F6.0.1N930FXXU1BPH6
Germany(DBT)SM-G900FGALAXY S56.0.1G900FXXS1CPG9
Germany(DBT)SM-G900FGALAXY S56.0.1G900FXXS1CPH9
Germany (T-Mobile)(DTM)SM-G930FGalaxy S76.0.1G930FXXU1BPHB
Greece(EUR)GT-I9506GALAXY S4 LTE-A5.0.1I9506XXUDPG2
Guatemala(TGU)SM-G920IGalaxy S66.0.1G920IDVU3EPFC
Hong Kong(TGY)SM-N93006.0.1N9300ZHU1BPH9
Israel (Pelephone)(PCL)SM-G930FGalaxy S76.0.1G930FXXU1BPH6
Italy (H3G)(HUI)SM-G928FGalaxy S6 edge+6.0.1G928FXXS2BPH1
Kenya(AFR)SM-G800HGALAXY S5 mini5.1.1G800HXXU1BPD1
Macedonia(VIM)SM-G900FGALAXY S56.0.1G900FXXS1CPG9
Macedonia(VIM)SM-G900FGALAXY S56.0.1G900FXXS1CPH9
Mauritius(MRU)SM-G900FGALAXY S56.0.1G900FXXS1CPGA
Mexico (Telcel)(TCE)SM-T677A5.1.1T677AUBU1APH3
Mexico (Telcel)(TCE)SM-G920IGalaxy S65.1.1G920IDVU3DOK8
Mexico (Telcel)(TCE)SM-G920IGalaxy S66.0.1G920IDVU3EPH9
Morocco (MWD)(MWD)SM-P901GALAXY Note PRO4.4.2P901XXUANC4
Morocco (MWD)(MWD)SM-P901GALAXY Note PRO5.0.2P901XXU0BPG4
Morocco (MWD)(MWD)SM-J105H5.1.1J105HXWU0APH1
Netherlands(PHN)SM-G930FGalaxy S76.0.1G930FXXU1BPHJ
New Zealand(TNZ)SM-G930FGalaxy S76.0.1G930FXXU1BPHC
New Zealand(NZC)SM-G930FGalaxy S76.0.1G930FXXU1BPHC
Nigeria(ECT)SM-J500FGalaxy J55.1.1J500FXXU1APH6
Nordic countries(NEE)GT-I9506GALAXY S4 LTE-A5.0.1I9506XXUDPG2
Norway (Telenor)(TEN)GT-I9506GALAXY S4 LTE-A5.0.1I9506XXUDPG2
Open Austria(ATO)SM-G900FGALAXY S56.0.1G900FXXS1CPH9
Open Austria(ATO)SM-G900FGALAXY S56.0.1G900FXXS1CPG9
Panama(PBS)SM-G920IGalaxy S66.0.1G920IDVU3EPFC
Panama(PBS)SM-G920IGalaxy S66.0.1G920IDVS3EPH7
Papua New Guinea(PNG)SM-G930FGalaxy S76.0.1G930FXXU1BPHC
Paraguay (Personal)(PSP)SM-N910HGALAXY Note45.1.1N910HXXS2CPF1
Paraguay (Personal)(PSP)SM-N910HGALAXY Note46.0.1N910HXXU2DPF1
Poland(XEO)SM-G900FGALAXY S56.0.1G900FXXS1CPH9
Poland(XEO)SM-G900FGALAXY S56.0.1G900FXXS1CPG9
Russia(SER)SM-G900FGALAXY S56.0.1G900FXXS1CPG9
Russia(SER)SM-G900FGALAXY S56.0.1G900FXXS1CPH9
Saudi Arabia(ACR)SM-G900FGALAXY S56.0.1G900FXXS1CPGA
Saudi Arabia(ACR)SM-G900FGALAXY S56.0.1G900FXXU1CPH5
Singapore(MM1)SM-G925IGalaxy S6 edge6.0.1G925IDVU3EPC7
Singapore(XSP)SM-G925IGalaxy S6 edge6.0.1G925IDVU3EPGH
Singapore(XSP)SM-G925IGalaxy S6 edge6.0.1G925IDVU3EPC7
Singapore (SingTel)(SIN)SM-G925IGalaxy S6 edge6.0.1G925IDVU3EPC7
Singapore (SingTel)(SIN)SM-G925IGalaxy S6 edge6.0.1G925IDVU3EPGH
Singapore (StarHub)(STH)SM-G925IGalaxy S6 edge6.0.1G925IDVU3EPC7
Singapore (StarHub)(STH)SM-G925IGalaxy S6 edge6.0.1G925IDVU3EPGH
South America (Moviestar)(CRM)SM-G920IGalaxy S66.0.1G920IDVU3EPFC
South America (Open Line)(NBS)SM-G920IGalaxy S66.0.1G920IDVU3EPFC
South Korea (KT olleh)(KTF)SHV-E370KGALAXY S4 mini4.4.4E370KKTU2BPF3
Spain (Movistar)(XEC)SM-G900FGALAXY S56.0.1G900FXXS1CPHA
Spain (Movistar)(XEC)SM-J510FN6.0.1J510FNXXU1APG1
Spain (Movistar)(XEC)SM-G900FGALAXY S56.0.1G900FXXU1CPG6
Turkey(TUR)SM-G935FGalaxy S7 edge6.0.1G935FXXU1BPH6
Ukraine (Kyivstar)(SEK)SM-J510H6.0.1J510HXXU1APG1
United Kingdom(BTU)SM-G900FGALAXY S56.0.1G900FXXS1CPGZ
United Kingdom(BTU)SM-G900FGALAXY S56.0.1G900FXXS1CPHV
United Kingdom (O2)(O2U)SM-N930F6.0.1N930FXXU1BPH6
Unknown(COD)SM-J100MGalaxy J14.4.4J100MVJU0APF2
Unknown(DDE)SM-G930FGalaxy S76.0.1G930FXXU1BPHB
Unknown(OMD)SM-G900FGALAXY S56.0.1G900FXXS1CPG9
Unknown(COD)SM-J100MGalaxy J14.4.4J100MVJU0AOK1
Unknown(OMD)SM-G900FGALAXY S56.0.1G900FXXS1CPH9
Uruguay(UFU)SM-G900MGALAXY S56.0.1G900MUBS1CPG3
Uruguay(UFU)SM-G900MGALAXY S56.0.1G900MUBS1CPH6
Uruguay(UPO)SM-G530MGALAXY GRAND Prime4.4.4G530MUBS1APE4
Uruguay(UPO)SM-G530MGALAXY GRAND Prime5.0.2G530MUBU1BPH2
Uzbekistan(CAC)SM-G7102GALAXY GRAND24.4.2G7102XXUBOF1
Uzbekistan(CAC)SM-G7102GALAXY GRAND24.4.2G7102XXUBPF2
Uzbekistan(CAC)SM-G900FGALAXY S56.0.1G900FXXS1CPH9
Uzbekistan(CAC)SM-G900FGALAXY S56.0.1G900FXXS1CPG9

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Kamilo Ramirez
1 year 7 months ago
Kamilo Ramirez

Actualice Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (sm-g531m) Presenta Fallas Así Que Tengo Que Descargar La Versión Anterior Por Que Se Congela La Pantalla Con Esta Actualización. =(

1 year 7 months ago

cuando actualizaran el galaxy alpha a adroid 6.0.1

1 year 7 months ago

i have android 5 in my note 3 please release android 6 for note 3 sm-n900 from iran tehran specially screen off memo and new air command for note 3 like note 4 and note 5 please release please release please release please release…

1 year 7 months ago

Hi, please update A700YD to Marshmallow (6.0.1), all A7 updated to marshmallow exept A700 YD please update

1 year 7 months ago

Please Samsung Galaxy Core 2 (SM-355H) Lollipop Update

Kevin Thinky
1 year 7 months ago
Kevin Thinky

Looks like T705 LTE version Owners must wait more !

1 year 7 months ago

J500g marshmallow update pls cs

1 year 7 months ago

Hi . I don’t know why samsung isn’t updataing SM-A710FD to android 6 for Iran . So many weeks have passed since samsung rolled it out for India and Emirates . The funny thing is that A7 non 2016 version has received android 6 for all of it’s regions

Adrian Hartanto2612
1 year 7 months ago
Adrian Hartanto2612

Pleasee update samsung mega 2 (SM-G750H) to 5.0.1 Lollipop …