Samsung 3D Active glasses are 70 percent off on SamMobile Shop

We have a great deal for you on Samsung’s rechargeable 3D Active glasses, they are available for 70 percent off the usual retail price only through the SamMobile Shop. These glasses are lightweight, have flexible temple support and feature Samsung’s Advanced 3D Active technology for a comfortable 3D viewing experience.

You can take these glasses with you to the movies or use it on your PC as they are fully compliant with the Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative Standard so they can be used for more than just watching stuff on your 3D TV. Samsung’s rechargeable 3D Active glasses normally cost $50 but you can get them for 70 percent off through the SamMobile Shop only for a limited time for $14.99. This deal is only for customers in the United States.


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what is the model number for these glasses?