Wallpaper Wednesday: Rain

Welcome to the latest edition of Wallpaper Wednesday. This week we’re focusing our attention on seven gorgeous water-themed backgrounds. All images are available in a QHD resolution, which is a perfect fit for the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edgeGalaxy Note 5 and other flagships, but they can, of course, be used on different smartphones, too.

If any of the following images float your boat and you want to download and set one as your wallpaper, simply tap on a photo to maximise it, then click and hold to save it. Once the picture is stored locally, open up Settings, locate and select Wallpaper, then just tap the newly-saved image to set it as your background.

Alternatively, you can download a ZIP file containing all of this week’s backdrops by hitting the Download button at the very bottom of this post.

Autumn Leaves


Black Rain


Mystery Man


Rainy Spider Web


Retro Scooter


Water Flame



Note: We’ve tried our best to identify the creators of all of the wallpapers featured in this week’s column. However, the images appear to lack copyright information, artist signatures or any real trace of origin. If you created a wallpaper we’ve posted and would like credit, or would rather we remove the image, kindly contact us.

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