Samsung now thinks itself more of a software company than a hardware company

Samsung is currently doing great in the smartphone market on the back of its recently released flagship smartphones. However, the company is looking far beyond smartphones or any other type of hardware for that matter. DJ Koh, president of mobile communications at Samsung, said, “Coding is the key to the future,” to the audience at the company’s annual developers conference last week.

Samsung now considers itself more of a software company than a hardware maker, which shows that the company expects smartphone sales to remain flat or decline in the next few quarters. The company is now focussing on creating a connected ecosystem using the Linux-based Tizen platform, which will give the firm an end-to-end control over its products, software, and services.

Similar to Apple, Samsung has started creating products based on its homegrown software. It has already released a smartwatch and a couple of entry-level smartphones based on Tizen software. Most of the company’s recently released smart TVs and connected car systems also run on Tizen-based software.

However, the company will have to rely on third-party developers to create apps for its ecosystem, but we’ve seen stalwarts like Microsoft fail attempting that. Moreover, the company will have to make all its future products compatible with Tizen. The company will also have to compete fiercely with the likes of Apple and Google if it wants to have a leg up in the growing software, services, and cloud market.

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