Possible Samsung Galaxy A4 undergoing testing in India

Samsung’s Galaxy A series started out with three devices, but has, over time, expanded into a full-blown lineup. New data may reveal the existence of a new member of the family: the Galaxy A4.

As is so often the case, it is the Indian import database Zauba that spills the beans on a device with model code SM-A430. Following Samsung’s conventional naming scheme, this would be the Galaxy A4 undergoing the usual slew of R&D activities. No details about the device itself are listed, though indicated unit value is well into flagship territory.

In the past, Samsung trademarked many names of its Galaxy A devices, most of which (apart from the Galaxy A6) have turned into real products by now. The name Galaxy A4, however, was never applied for, so there are no certainties to be derived from that. For now, we will take this listing as a possible first glimpse of the Galaxy A4, though we’ll refrain from drawing solid conclusions until further evidence of its existence surfaces.


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Oh Yes I knew there was something missing as Samsung skipped A1, A2, A4 as they are planning to release those models in 2016.