Themes Thursday: 124 new themes dumped into Theme Store

This week’s Themes Thursday is here! Samsung has released as many as 124 themes this week for compatible Galaxy smartphones, but only a handful of them are worth noticing.

The Flat TouchWiz Design theme shows us how TouchWiz would look if Samsung’s UI designers take a flatter approach. Material Blue and Pulse UI themes are for the ones who like Google’s Material design approach.

Check out [V] Silent Night and [FEIT] Simple Metal Compass themes if you want an elegant theme. If you want something bright, have a look at the Strix Light theme. Which theme did you like the most?

[FEIT] Neon_Wine
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [FEIT] Neon_Wine

[FEIT] Simple Metal Compass
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [FEIT] Simple Metal Compass

[V] Silent Night
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [V] Silent Night

Flat TouchWiz Design
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Flat TouchWiz Design

Material Blue
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Material Blue

Pulse UI
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Pulse UI

Strix Light
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Strix Light

Travel In Iceland – HNINE Design
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Travel In Iceland - HNINE Design

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