Themes Thursday: Here are the 10 best Galaxy Themes released this week

Welcome back to Themes Thursday! It’s the first Themes Thursday of the year, and Samsung has released 47 themes in the Theme Store today for compatible Galaxy smartphones. Here are the 10 best themes of the lot, and we think you’ll like some of them too.

Three [MINU] themes – Fantasy, Fantasy DarkRed, and Marshmallow – are really clean and well-designed. I personally liked the [MINU] Fantasy and [MINU] Marshmallow themes, and I installed them on my Galaxy Note 5. The Amazon Jungle At Night theme looks good too. Some sports team-related themes have been released as well. You can install either the Official Chelsea F.C. Theme or the Official Barcelona F.C. Christmas themes if you are a fan of those teams.

Everyone has a different taste and it’s possible that you might have liked a theme which isn’t listed here. So, let us know the theme of your choice from this week. Which themes did you like this week?

[MINU] Fantasy – Paid
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [MINU] Fantasy

[MINU] Fantasy DarkRed – Paid
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [MINU] Fantasy Dark

[MINU] Marshmallow – Free
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [MINU] Marshmallow

Amazon Jungle At Night – Free
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Amazon Jungle At Night

Lotus Dark – Free
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Lotus Dark

Official Barcelona F.C. Christmas – Paid
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Official Barcelona F.C. Christmas

Official Chelsea F.C. Theme – Paid
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Official Chelsea F.C. Theme

Ohio State Theme – Paid
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Ohio State Theme

Paris _MINDON Design – Paid
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Paris _MINDON Design

Vanilla – Free
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Vanilla

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