iPhone 6s chip tests reveal no difference between Samsung and TSMC chips

A recent test conducted by Consumer Reports indicates that the difference between the A9 Samsung chip and the A9 TSMC chip is completely negligible. The latest test claims to be more accurate than the ones that pointed out a 20% performance difference between the two chipsets because it uses real life usage rather than relying on synthetic benchmark data which always forces the processor to run at maximum speed. Consumer Report argues that real life usage is truly what matters when it comes to performance and you shouldn’t really consider downsides that only exist on paper.

The whole chipset difference debate is very important to settle because it could very well cost Samsung’s business with Apple on the next iPhone 7. We’ve yet to hear if this chip difference claims have affected Samsung’s relationship with Apple but nothing is likely to happen considering that Consumer Reports says there was never really a chipgate to begin with given that real life usage is very stable.

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