Themes Thursday: A staggering 57 themes released in Samsung Theme Store today

Samsung has upped its game when it comes to the number of themes that are being released each week. The company has released a staggering number of themes in the Theme Store today, 57 to be exact, and we are sure that there’s something for everyone.

A lot of these themes are paid, but some of the free ones are really good looking as well. We personally liked seven themes – Blue Flower, Dark Knight, Galaxy Note 5, Minimalistic Pink, Onyx, The Symbolic View of U.S.A, and Waterfront – that are shown in the images below.

The Galaxy Note 5 theme features icons similar to the ones that come with the default theme on the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 edge+. Choice differs, and you might like other themes, so don’t forget to tell us the ones that you liked in the comments section below.

Blue Flower – Paid
Samsung Theme Store - Blue Flower

Dark Knight
Samsung Theme Store - Dark Knight

Galaxy Note 5
Samsung Theme Store - Galaxy Note 5

Minimalist Pink
Samsung Theme Store - Minimalist Pink

Onyx – Paid
Samsung Theme Store - Onyx

The Symbolic View of U.S.A – Paid
Samsung Theme Store - The Symbolic View of U.S.A

Waterfront – Paid
Samsung Theme Store - Waterfront


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se olvido de su buque insignia del 2014, increíble, me molesta, 540 $ por la basura.. pero saben quien va a volver a comprar samsung no..?? la mama de judas..


When it will be available for Galaxy S5 G900F??
I dont like that white enviroment.


I have been thinking the same thing!!! I hope they will add the theme store in 5.1.1 since we don’t have it yet either…. Samsung forgot about the S5