Angry Birds now available on Tizen

With so many versions of Angry Birds having come out ever since the original took the mobile gaming world by storm, the bird-slinging game isn’t exactly a must-have app for mobile devices anymore. But for a new and young operating system like Tizen, popular apps and games are no doubt a necessity if it needs to have any chance of making it big in the market, and Samsung’s in-house OS can now boast about having the first Angry Birds available in its app store.

That’s right – Tizen users can now download Angry Birds from the Tizen Store, with OpenMobile’s ACL emulation technology making it possible for the game to run on the OS. For those who don’t remember, the same emulation technology is also what enables WhatsApp to run on Tizen, and like WhatsApp, getting Angry Birds is as easy as downloading it from the app store instead of having to manually deal with any installation files.

The game is 47MB in size, and might require you to install the ACL for Tizen app before it can run on your phone. Sadly, the game isn’t very smooth on the Samsung Z1, but that’s not really surprising when you considering the extremely meager hardware that is powering Samsung’s only commercially available Tizen smartphone.



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It’s not emulation or even virtualization. Although it fully supports any hardware it’s run on. It’s part of an Open Platform project began years ago. It can run these applications on OpenPlatform ACL Application Compatibility Layer!

It doesn’t even care if the App was originally coded for Apple hardware. It can run on OpenPlatform ACL on hardware from TV’s to Cars, to Phones, to Android and Tizen mobile devices with it’s Open Source API’s (Application Programming Interface)! ………if you are a developer, the opportunity to easily port your applications more than willing to get them offered to more people!!!


Here’s a partial link, that you’ll only need to Google Search to find on Tizen’s site from 2011: openmobile-asia-300000-android-apps-2

So Angry Birds is just the tip of the proverbial ICEBERG!!!