Samsung Galaxy Alpha (SM-G850) getting the Android 5.0 Lollipop update

The week couldn’t have started any better for Galaxy Alpha owners, as Samsung has started rolling out the Android 5.0 Lollipop update to its first metal-clad Android smartphone. The three major carriers in South Korea are pushing out the update as we write this, and users can grab it off Samsung Kies, over the air, and also through our firmware section.

The Galaxy Alpha is getting the same version of Lollipop as other existing devices like the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5, which is to say it has a somewhat revamped UI with Material Design touches and not the one found on the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. The Android version is 5.0.2, and you get improved performance, better control over notifications, and, if you’re lucky, increased battery life as well.

The update is only available in South Korea right now, but it should be heading out globally in the coming weeks. Check out the screenshots below to see how Lollipop looks on the Galaxy Alpha, and let us know your experience on the new version of Android if you have already received the update.

Firmware Details:

Model SM-G850S
Model name GALAXY Alpha
Country Korea (SK Telecom)
Version Android 5.0.2
Changelist 4679949
Build date Tue, 14 Apr 2015 09:59:20 +0000
Product code SKC

Galaxy Alpha

Galaxy Alpha_001

Galaxy Alpha_002

Galaxy Alpha_003

Galaxy Alpha_004

Galaxy Alpha_005

Galaxy Alpha_006

Galaxy Alpha_008

Galaxy Alpha_009

Galaxy Alpha_012

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1 year 1 month ago

Im want update for samsung galaxy alpha sm-G-850A
Please upload file

2 years 7 hours ago

cuando sammobile subirá la actualización de lollipop para el samsung alpha g850a de at&t soy de Venezuela y no me permite actualizar ya que es necesario la sim card de at&t y estar dentro de los estados unidos para recibir cobertura ayuda por favor, he buscado información sobre la existencia de la actualización y no encuentro nada al respecto saludos.
When sammobile rise lollipop update for the samsung alpha at g850a & t I’m from Venezuela and does not allow me to update and you must be the sim card from at & t and be within the United States to receive coverage help please, I have sought information about the existence of the update and not find nothing concerning greetings.

2 years 16 hours ago

850 f ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

2 years 15 hours ago

I know for A3 sammobile used A300FU instead of actual was A300F.

How did sammobile get lollipop for that model of alpha and A3

2 years 18 hours ago

E7 waiting ……….

2 years 19 hours ago

The screenshots you show are for the SM-G850F when is that lollipop 5.0.2 coming as you already have that for this model.

2 years 21 hours ago

and lollipop 5.0.2 for note 4 when?

2 years 21 hours ago

hey i just wanna ask that can we flash this firmware on 850f cus we got the same chipset(exynos)and the different is that firmware is for carrer version so can anyone confirm that we can flash it

2 years 21 hours ago

Pelo que entendi no texto, o Lollipop está sendo distribuído pelas três maiores operadoras da Coréia do Sul. Não são as versões desbloqueadas que saem primeiro e depois as versões das operadoras? Não entendi essa.
Lollipop is being distributed by carriers in South Korea. It is not the unlocked versions coming out first and after carriers version?

2 years 22 hours ago

Anybody released that I’m that picture showcase the firmware shows that it is sm-g850f isn’t ? The seventh picture so I think it doesn’t matter because ive downloaded it on my alpha sm-g850f

2 years 22 hours ago

Even S5 Sm-G900I In India got updated to 5.0 lollipop today as update arrived at 16:00 Pst

Haitham Shawwa
2 years 23 hours ago

What about this SM-G850F ??

2 years 23 hours ago


2 years 23 hours ago


2 years 23 hours ago


2 years 1 day ago

Finally the metallic ALPHA, gets it.
I wish the update arrives to India soon :)

2 years 1 day ago

nice and we still waiting for the damn lollipop for samsung garbage note 4 here in egypt

2 years 15 hours ago

First of all the Note 4 is not garbage till now it’s the best phablet on the market, second you can always flash any other firmware for the internatinal model, my friend has the SM-N910C and I flashed Lollipop for him using Poland firmware and he is very happy with his device and he is getting all ota updates as if he ia located in Poland

Arikaran Kathireshan
2 years 1 day ago

Does this firmware has the multi-user support??