Samsung files a patent for hue-changing sunglasses that can be controlled from your phone

Google’s Glass may have failed to make an impact on the everyday consumer, but the device certainly is something that everyone of us would still love to own, if money be no object. The only problem for Google Glass, besides the usually high cost, is that it requires users to get used to a completely new way of interacting with technology. And some of us really don’t have the will to adapt to that very fast, even though it might feel otherwise. This is perhaps what made Samsung think of the new smart sunglasses, which still sit in the same place as the Google Glass and yet manage to be not as radical as them, or even its own Gear VR.

According to a patent filing by the company, these new smart-ish sunglasses will change hue and tint based on your whims and fantasies following a command from your smartphone. This means you’ll be able to pretty much decide how your sunglasses look — from the frame to the lenses — right from the palm of your hand… if you have a smartphone sitting there. Most likely, the company would allow binding of these only to Samsung phones, but who knows, until the actual device is out in the wild.

samsung-slimme-bril-a samsung-slimme-bril-b


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