Microsoft and Samsung in talks to end patent-licensing dispute

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Earlier this month Microsoft announced through a post on its official blog that it has filed a legal complaint against Samsung for violating a patent-licensing contract signed back in 2011. Redmond alleged that Samsung failed to make a recent royalty payment on time and also refused to pay interest on late payment outstanding since September 2013. The Korea Times reports today that Samsung and Microsoft have begun talks to reach an amicable end to this dispute.

The reason why both companies presumably don’t want to be involved in a costly legal battle is that they want to continue working with each other. Samsung could do well if Microsoft remains a trustworthy client for cloud computing and Internet of Things, whereas Microsoft would want Samsung to leverage its position as the world’s biggest vendor of smartphones to push Windows Phone.

An industry official cited in the report claims that settlement discussions may not take too long since the main point of contention is the renewal of terms dictating royalty payments. Apparently Samsung hopes to sign a “comprehensive cross-licensing deal” with Redmond.

When contacted by the scribe Samsung declined the request for a comment.


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