Benefits of Super AMOLED displays highlighted in new infographic

Its no secret that Samsung has advocated the benefits of Super AMOLED displays over LCD but it has stepped up these efforts recently. Recently the company released a couple of Super AMOLED tablets so it seems apt that now Samsung is focusing on highlighting this technology. Samsung does go into too many technical details but mentions some salient features that set these displays apart from LCDs.

Super AMOLED displays have self-emitting diodes which allow for faster reaction speeds and a higher contrast level to deliver a more detailed and clearer display. Samsung also points out better color reproduction, wider viewing angles and more. Check out the infographic for yourself and find out how Super AMOLEDs are better than LCDs.

samsung-super-amoled-display-info-1 samsung-super-amoled-display-info-2 samsung-super-amoled-display-info-3 samsung-super-amoled-display-info-4 samsung-super-amoled-display-info-5 samsung-super-amoled-display-info-6

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The screen in my galaxy tab 7.7 is much more rich and easy on the eyes when compared to my lenovo thinkpad 8.

Fonts looks washed out and gray on the lenovo thinkpad 8.

Black looks black on my 7.7


Backlingt? Really? Who made this inforgraphic? Samsung China or Samsung US?

Regardless. They failed to point out that thier Super AMOLED technology lacks in color consistency and longevity. Otherwise you wouldn’t see so many tinted displays and filled with bands and lines and background icons and other UI stuff all over the place.