Samsung is working on a phone with ‘new materials’

Samsung reported their Q2 2014 financials today and in the earnings call held shortly after the results, Samsung confirmed two new devices that will be revealed in the coming months. Kim Hyun-joon, senior vice president at Samsung Mobile confirmed a big screen phone will be unveiled along with a new device made from “new materials”.

It’s safe to say the large-screened device will be from the Galaxy Note range but the phone with the new materials could very well be the Galaxy Alpha.

We’ve been bringing exclusive info on the Galaxy Alpha and according to our source, the phone will have a metallic design. Few other things we know for certain is the 4.8-inch screen with 720p resolution support, 32GB of internal storage, fingerprint scanner and the launch slated for next month.

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2 years 8 months ago

the iphone killer loool are sasmung drunk or they are out of there mind this is another useless ugly device by samsung / well listen samsung, note 4 is your last chance to survive whether you make it the best phone u ever released as the note 3 or you better re manufacturer devices with neo or useless active and zoom and sport .

2 years 8 months ago

The iPhone itself has lost a lot of appeal, just because Apple has not added much in the way of cool new features since the iPhone 4s added Siri. Samsung ran into the problem with the S5 that they did not market a lot of the improvements in the S5 that do not show up on a spec sheet that really do add or enhance the experience of USING devices. For example, the new generation of AMOLED displays in the Galaxy S5 really helps make things LOOK better, even if there was no increase or change in screen resolution. The new power saving mode that basically puts your phone in black and white mode to save power is another interesting change for those who constantly run out of battery. Sure, for those who only bought a phone 12 months ago, these features may not seem like enough to upgrade to, but the S5 is still a good phone.

For those who say the iPhone is BETTER, perhaps if you are the sort of person who gives your phone to a 6-year-old child to distract him/her, but honestly, the iPhone at present is a SMALL phone with no cutting edge features that enhance how you use your phone, and the retina display is still well below 1080p.

2 years 8 months ago

I disagree with you. The Samsung phones are great, true, but iPhone is also an awesome phone. We can stay forever arguing which one is best, and it will never ends. I have an iPhone 5S and a Galaxy S4-Active. I pretended to buy an S5, since my S4 cannot hold the battery for a day anymore. When I went to the shop, I noticed that pay all for a whole new phone just to add a fingerprint scanner was a waste, since my S4 has IP 67 as well. So I decided to pay for a phone + experience and got an iPhone 5S, and I have to say that there isn’t too much difference on it, and both are great.

2 years 8 months ago

I disagree with you too.
Buying an S5 is not only an “S4 Active with FingerScanner”. Frist of all the camera, 16 mpx with Hybrid AF (Phase Detection+Contrast Detection)VS your 8 mpx with no other stuff. A WiFI MIMO with 802.11ac standard and also a Download Booster Mode. The UltraPowerSavingMode that allows you to save battery for long time. A HeartRate Sensor and some other cool stuff (like FingerScanner as you said).
So, all those things, you like or not, are a TRUE phone+experience that a JailPhone like an Iphone cannot provide now.
Lets see what happen with Iphone 6..