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Samsung has ranked 11th on the 50 Best Global Green Brands report published by Interbrand, moving the Korean manufacturer up from last year, when it was ranked 16th. The report “examines how consumers think about the actual quality and effectiveness of brands’ eco-friendly activity and corporate citizenship,” and took into account Samsung’s environment-friendly business practices, including establishing E-waste recycling programs and solar-powered Digital Villages in Africa, also concluding that Samsung’s environmental performance is better than what people think it is.

Head over to the source link to read more on how Samsung was ranked in various areas in Interbrand’s latest findings.


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3 years 6 months ago
Great to see this, because Samsung Group is spending a ton of money on improving their eco friendly technologies across the board. From Samsung Cheil Industries eco friendly plastics manufacturing to making batteries, they are winning Awards in about every division, subdivision, affiliate, subsidiary and even in their joint ventures and unlisted assets around the globe. Infino Brand PC used in making the case and back doors to many of the parts used in their own eco friendly eMX Electric Concept car are Infino Brand PC. But that’s only one of the many high grade plastics made with best practices… Read more »