Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to reportedly get price cut in South Korea soon

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With the Galaxy Note 4 set to be unveiled in less than three months, it’s only natural that its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 3, will be getting price cuts, as is the case with pretty much every device that is close to being replaced by a newer version. According to ZDNet Korea, Samsung is looking at reducing the price of its third-generation Galaxy Note flagship in its home country to 950,000 won ($933 USD), from 1,067,000 won ($1049 USD.) The phone is likely available for less from retailers for a few months now, and if the official price cut goes into effect, the Note 3 could become even cheaper at retail and online stores in the coming months.

The Galaxy Note 3 is still an excellent device that offers the one of the best phablet experiences in the Android ecosystem, and a lower price tag could certainly lure quite a few consumers into buying it. However, it remains to be see if the price drop will go into effect outside South Korea, though it likely will considering the Galaxy Note 3 will be going on sale worldwide in a few months.

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3 years 7 months ago

note 4 64 bit exynos compete with 32 bit quad snapdragon and snapdragon going to win what a waste and even 2k just a waste of battery and not going to upgrade to it maybe note 5 with snapdragon 810 or even newer and even flexible display maybe