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Samsung working on a multi-finger authentication system for its e-wallet service

Samsung may launch its own e-wallet service with a multi-finger authentication system in the not-too-distant future. A patent filed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office revealed a new system that allows for multiple layers of security while using the fingerprint scanner as a medium of authentication. Earlier this week, it was found that the Galaxy S5’s finger scanner can be hacked by using a fake fingerprint made from wood glue. It has been found that the finger scanner hack also works when validating digital purchases on PayPal, without the need for the user to ever enter his password. It is understandable, then, that Samsung would look to add additional layers of security for its own e-wallet service.

To begin with, users can select an automatic or manual payment mode. The automatic mode saves credit card information natively, while the manual mode requires users to enter card information every time they undertake a new transaction. The first layer of security has users selecting a PIN code, signature or pattern unlock to be able to authorize a payment. The payment confirmation screen itself has a new finger scanning mechanism which scans two fingerprints simultaneously. To do so, Samsung might either use a semiconductor or an optical unit.

The multi-finger scanning method also involves various combination of fingers for different tasks. For instance, a user can assign a fingerprint combination to open the e-wallet, a different one to open the e-mail client and so on. It is unknown as to when this e-wallet service will launch, but it is clear that Samsung is working on making fingerprint-based authentication more secure.


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