Samsung to introduce Smart Media Networks at the MWC

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Samsung will debut its Smart Media Networks mobile content delivery solution at the Mobile World Congress next week. These networks will utilise Samsung’s Smart Cache technology to alleviate burden on cell networks. With most users consuming multimedia primarily on their mobile devices, the solution is a novel way of reducing congestion on cell networks. Using this technology, a caching server would be installed at mobile base stations, and users connecting to these caching servers would be able to access trending multimedia content faster.

Samsung is also collaborating with Akamai Technologies in launching a utility called Web Acceleration, which uses optimization techniques to load web pages faster. The manufacturer is also launching a mobile network analytics tool for carriers. The tool can be used to find the underlying issues in a cell networks that cause video quality degradation, in addition to providing feedback on how the issue can be resolved. Samsung will be demonstrating these technologies next week in Barcelona.In addition, Samsung will also be showcasing new carrier aggregation technologies that can be leveraged to deliver more bandwidth to end-users.


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