Samsung to launch multiple new 5-to-6-inch smartphones in 2014

Big tablets? Check. Big phones? Sure, those are in the pipeline too, according to Samsung’s Executive Director, Hyunjoon Kim, who revealed at the company’s Result Report Conference Call that Samsung is planning on bringing more 5-to-6-inch smartphones to market this year. Phones like the Galaxy Grand and the 5.8-inch and 6.3-inch Galaxy Mega already exist in Samsung’s lineup but have been unable to create a storm (though the Galaxy Grand does pretty well in the budget market), and in the company’s new strategy, this lineup will be extended with multiple new big-screen handsets.

Hyunjoon Kim also noted that these phones would be differentiated through their displays, though whether it was just a gesture toward the screen sizes or towards the fact that these devices will have great displays is something that remains to be seen. The company will also be working on improving features like Multi-Window and the S Pen stylus functionality, which seems fitting considering these features come in extremely handy on big-screen devices and have helped Samsung put its phablets couple of notches above the competition.



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Nothing new… Samsung and the “multiple new…” in the same sentence is already know thing. The problem is exactly this. I suppose you dont really expect to get any updates more, not even for so called flagship, from this toymaker. Their strategy seems to be only flooding the market, filling every inches and millimeters, having multiple variants from the same phone only some spec is changed just alittle bit. When you go to the store to pickup a phone, you will see 20 differend samtoys, looking exactly the same, variying alittle bit by it shape… if there was possible to… Read more »


Nokia are almost dead and buried, their phone business about to be acquired by MS. Nuff Said, who’s the top now?


Choice is choice either you buy or you don’t Samsung doesn’t have to worry about one person who doesn’t cause millions upon millions have and will continue to do so.

Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung period.