Verizon’s Galaxy Note 3 gets another update, includes bug fixes and improvements

Verizon, North America’s largest and most-infamous carrier, is pushing out a new update to the Galaxy Note 3 with various bug fixes, improvements, and “enhancements”, enhancements which we know better as bloatware. The update fixes bugs such as handwriting data entry issue for email and SMS, an email sync issue, Samsung keyboard crash, and others, improves connectivity, sound, mobile hotspot reliability, and notification panel responsiveness, and adds new Verizon apps like Verizon Cloud, VMWare, and MyInfoZone widget.

Verizon hasn’t mentioned the build number for the new update nor a release time frame, but it should be heading out to devices before the week is over. As always, it will be available over-the-air, and it will be a few days before everyone using the Note 3 on Verizon’s network gets it.



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hi sammobile
why samsung dont want to update i9500 and N900 for Iran???
im waiting long time to update my phone!!
i have S4 And Note 3
Come on give us update
why there isnt any 4.3 for Iran?
why there isnt any Bug Fix Update For Note 3 N900????
why you upgraded all other countries but there Isnt Iran???????????????????//
its about more than 2 month from starting update 4.3 for i9500 ant UAE and Other Arab And Afghan countries got that!!!
but THERE ISNT IRAN????????????