T-Mobile to offer $0 upgrades on Galaxy Note 3, S4, S III, and Note II on December 11

During the Black Friday weekend, T-Mobile had the numerous Samsung flagships available on a discount, and now the carrier is rumored to be preparing yet another sale as part of the second phase of an “Upgrade and Save” holiday offer. Under this offer, select users who are due for an upgrade will be informed that they’re eligible, and will be able to upgrade to the Galaxy S III, S4, Note II, or Note 3 for $0 in upfront payment.

The offer is expected to go live tomorrow, December 11, and will be for upgrade customers that meet the “tenure eligibility requirements” of their current plan. We’ll be sure to update this post when the deal goes live, so if you’ve been wanting to upgrade to a new phone on T-Mobile, be sure to keep an eye out.



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hi sammobile
why samsung dont want to update i9500 and N900 for Iran???
im waiting long time to update my phone!!
i have S4 And Note 3
Come on give us update
why there isnt any 4.3 for Iran?
why there isnt any Bug Fix Update For Note 3 N900????
why you upgraded all other countries but there Isnt Iran???????????????????//
its about more than 2 month from starting update 4.3 for i9500 ant UAE and Other Arab And Afghan countries got that!!!
but THERE ISNT IRAN????????????


is this Update 4.3