Tizen 3.0 to bring full launch of Samsung’s S Cloud?

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We recently learned that Samsung would be building in advanced NFC functionality in Tizen, and now it looks like the Korean manufactured may use Tizen 3.0, which is due next year, to fully introduce its cloud service S Cloud as well. S Cloud doesn’t really do that much at this point, but according to official Korean sources, development on the service will complete by the end of this year to offer a large suite of functions.

The S Cloud server will apparently store a variety of content, including movies, photos and music, and also allow syncing of data and the aforementioned content between various devices. On Android, Google’s own data backup and restore service does half the work, so it looks like S Cloud will do the same on Tizen 3.0 devices, and maybe even replace Google’s cloud service on its Android devices at a later date.


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Narciso neto
4 years 4 months ago
Narciso neto

In 4.2.2 update for Tab 2, i got S Cloud fully working