Samsung smartphones to come with “kill switch” in Korea

Losing one’s beloved smartphone hurts, and while it’s mostly impossible to get them back, security apps allow users to remotely wipe their devices so that the new (and illegal) owner can’t misuse any data on the device. Now, the Korean government wants to take security of stolen smartphones a step further – all smartphones made in the country will now come with a “kill switch” function, which will render the device completely obsolete and unusable.

That’s a pretty extreme measure, though it will give the affected user the satisfaction that the thief that nicked their device won’t be able to do anything with it, except throw it in the trash. Samsung will soon start adding the kill switch to its devices in Korea (so will LG, and Pantech has already been doing it since February), as it’s mandatory for all manufacturers as part of the “Complete Preventive Measures against Illegal Use of Mobile Phone” act that went into effect on August 13th.

Could we see the kill switch make an appearance on Samsung devices internationally (maybe with a debut on the Galaxy Note III)? It’s possible, though for now it seems the addition security step will only be available to Korean users.


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Seems quite risky to me…

If anyone can remember the remote wipe code about a year ago. Do we really want a hardware default remote Brick option on our phone? Those are *never* secure!

I’m not usually the paranoid type (I for one don’t give a sh*t about prism.), but you just *know* governments and hackers are going to abuse this.