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Well, Samsung is at it again: working on multiple new products that will be probably launched and forgotten by everyone. At least, that’s what we can gather from the fact that Samsung has filed with the US patent office (USPTO) to trademark seven new names: Mobile Samsung 5G, Samsung Fit, Samsung Micro, Samsung Expo, Samsung Go, Samsung Pro and the S MUSICIAN.

Mobile Samsung 5G seems to be the easiest to guess on what it could be – a phone the company is making to test its 5G technology. 5G isn’t expected to be ready for commercial use till 2020, but Samsung could be looking to get a name registered early on in the process. The S Musician could be a music app for creating and editing music, and could join the plethora of S apps that the company has on TouchWiz, like S Health, S Voice, and more.

The Samsung Fit can’t be a phone as the company already has the Galaxy Fit, so we wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be something health-related, like an accessory or S Health-like app. Samsung Expo, Go, and Pro could be anything – phones, accessories (like the smartwatch Samsung is making), apps, or something else altogether.

However, just because Samsung has patented these names doesn’t mean we’ll see all of them actually being used on products, so until more details come out in the future, there’s nothing to do but keep the guessing game going.

Well, talking about guessing games, what do you think these new names could represent?


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