Samsung starts development of high-resolution flexible AMOLED displays

New report by confirms that Samsung is planning to develop small and big OLED Panels. Samsung want to start the mass production of small OLED panels in the first half of 2013. The big OLED panels are planned in the second half of 2013. Samsung also started to develop high-resolution flexible AMOLED displays in 2013. The first devices with YOUM technology are planned in 2013.

Samsung just teased something for CES 2013 about a new product with new Innovation, Design, Technology, Dreams, Wonder and The Future!

We can’t wait to see the first flexible AMOLED display equipped Samsung device.
Let’s wait and see.

For all technical information hit over the source link!

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[...] is planning to develop flexible OLED panels. According to news on sammobile and, Samsung is planning to develop small and big OLED Panels. Samsung is planning [...]

4 years 1 month ago

When official JB for Note ?

4 years 1 month ago

STOP!!! Commenting about Jelly Bean Update For S2….

4 years 1 month ago

when JB for s2?

4 years 1 month ago

Cool. But I just got my Note II. ):

4 years 1 month ago

wow somwthing new and innovative keep it up Samsung awesome