‘Whatsapp opens doors for Samsungs ChatON’

If we can believe the latest rumors of the company behind worlds famous chat application for smartphones Whatsapp, will we have to pay in the future for using Whatsapp.
The spokesperson of whatsapp told that Whatsapp try out by using Google play to pay for Whatsapp the price would be one dollar. It is not the first time Whatsapp users need to pay for the application. Apple iPhone users also need to pay for using Whatsapp. If Whatsapp decide that all Android users need to pay for whatsapp is this something really great for ChatON.
Samsung’s own pre-installed chat program ChatON is free to use and has even more function than Whatsapp.
Samsung is even busy to create some extra options in ChatON. Samsung Chaton is very popular by bada users and Asian people. The market in Europe is hardly to get for ChatON.

We have to say ChatON looks not that nice, but the function walkie-talkie or just sending photos and messages are working fine. For Samsung could this be the excellent moment to get more users on their own chat platform.

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