Rumor: Galaxy S IV to be announced at MWC Barcelona

According to the guys over at Mobilegeeks will Samsung introduce the Galaxy S IV in late February what could point on MWC.

Mobilegeeks is a trusted mobile blog, they even reported the right things about the Galaxy Premier last month.
The tipper reported to Mobilegeeks that Samsung is currently behind everyone, based on specifications and want to be a step ahead again.
Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S IV in February and will ship at the end of the first half of 2013 or mid Q2 are the rumors at this moment.

CES came to early for Samsung and the second place could be MWC 2013 in Barcelona. MWC is the biggest mobile happening of the year for all mobile brands.
HTC, Sony, ZTE, LG and many other brands will show new products at MWC in Barcelona 2013.
For us it still seems strange, the Galaxy S III is still very hot. Samsung even held a own event this year for the Galaxy S III. But according to our friend over at Mobilegeeks this was due the deadlines Samsung did not make  last year.

We do not understand this strategy, cause they announced the Galaxy S III and shipped it 2 a 3 weeks later, and now the will go back to the timeline of the Galaxy S II. Which is announcing it and making it available for the mass 2 a 3 months later.  It all just doesn’t seem logical. On the other hand there are rumors about a new iPhone 5S launching early 2013  and if you want to beat Apple you need to be a step ahead.
And there are quite a few rumors that there will be a lot of competition this year on MWC for Samsung.

Till now we have no information but we keep you informed.

What do you think will we see the NEXT big thing on MWC ??

Thanks MobileGeeks

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Comienzan a sonar los primeros rumores del Galaxy S IV
4 years 2 months ago

[...] Vía SamMobile [...]

4 years 5 months ago

Samsung is good, but they release too much phones in such a time

4 years 5 months ago

@ehduarte: don’t make me laugh..what is so ULTIMATE about S III?
Just compare it to S II.
The old graphics chip? Still only 1 GB of RAM? PenTile that is making this screen worse than eg HTC One X? The tragic materials used, cracking even by ITSELF, not mentioning the crash tests? MicroSIM card made by apple, when normal SIM would be still possible? The old 8 Mpix camera? Same transfer speeds as in S II? Still the same or very similar front camera? And last but not least, still not that good battery, considering it is ANDROID after all?

And at the same time giving enough good stuff (some not obvious, like controllable volume on the headphones’ remote) to make it the selling Android phone easily, even outbeating 4S in the end of its life cycle.
While at the same forcing the owners of S II to buy a new MHL cable, cos the old one doesn’t work, or at the very least, an adapter from free market? And keep delaying accessories like wireless charger that were supposed to be accessible from the very start, even presented on the main show?
C’mon, Samsung just pulled an “apple” on you, or in other words, you got SamsungSheeped..

If you think I am a fan of an other company, let me tell you – you’re wrong. I admire Samsung the most, but what they pulled off with S III is really funny, and really NOT funny at the same time, if you catch my drift.

For a bit better product, you can look at Note II, but while it fixes some problems: screen, memory, better crash tests and materials not breaking by themselves plus the battery, of course – it doesn’t fix the rest.

Samsung is, as mentioned in the art, behind on the hardware bar. Face it. Compare it to LG Optimus G/Google Nexus 4, HTC Deluxe/Butterfly J and quite a lot of Chinese products, out on the market and not released, but with specs known…

And while I’d live to have octa-core T-658 graphics and such, I just doubt it will make it into the final product.

My opinion? S IV in may or so, on a separate event, with probably Mali T-604 graphics maximum. I’d live to be proven wrong, even if I have to wait even a bit longer. Just don’t make done mistakes that eg HTC did, like locked bootloader, no memory card slot, or no exchangeable battery. FYI I’m using S II and also iP4 for know, and I REALLY want S IV out whatever other name taken, to be a very, very good product for it’s times. An outstanding one.. And without most curses. In other words, keeping my fingers crossed!

4 years 5 months ago

Early 2014 would be perfect timing or christmas 2013 even better

4 years 5 months ago

People aree not rich to change their phone in every 8 months. I dont like Samsung’s strategy.

4 years 5 months ago

That would be very stupid for Samsung to launch SIV so soon. GIII is still on top.
What I always liked in Samsung is that they are not like Sony or LG which every year launch new phone then forget about it – no further support. Samsung keep developing the phone, make it outstanding, launch to market the support for at least 3 years and work at the same time for next generation.

People dont want to have every year new phone but they want one phone with good quality and Android updates.

4 years 5 months ago

This only makes Samsung look desperate……a company that wants to be n1 should not look desperate….ever…..

4 years 5 months ago

i think ehduarte is right… monopoly market is not the best option…

4 years 5 months ago

This way Samsung is turning into Apple. S3 just got out. It´s the ultimate phone do you really think s4 will be way better? Not a chance.

4 years 5 months ago

months will make people go crazy about that ultimate device, and it might not be that bad as you think, when people know how good it will be, they will not buy any phone at that current time but w8 for s IV, its not bad strategy, its like they want to reserve as much buyers as they can, so they announce it as soon as possible, maybe i made myself clear maybe not, but im pretty sure you will not buy HTC or rotten apple when you know you will have S IV for the same price or even cheaper in just only 1-2 months you have just big mouth :D peace

4 years 5 months ago

This would be a joke to announce a phone and then ship it after months! Companies should learn from Apple: announcement and after 2 weeks you have a device in your hand.

4 years 5 months ago

You must finish the apple of life .. So continue forward important and the extension of full control of the market … But I hope that Samsung Boukhama are interested her next bit system