Rumour: Samsung in talks to buy Nokia?


Last updated: February 17th, 2013 at 12:27 UTC+01:00

A finnish site called kauppalehti.ff claims that Samsung will buy Nokia for 4 euro a share which means a total of 15 billion.
Nokia’s shares are up after the rumour.

There are no words from both of the companies.
If Samsung will buy Nokia this is only because of the patents…
We do not think Samsung will need any kind of special concepts / software by Nokia.

Funny detail, since the Nokia Lumia, Nokia’s share went down in value.
If Samsung decide to buy Nokia, there will be one big question… What will Microsoft do?
Nokia and Microsoft are big friends since the Lumia series.
Microsoft are helping Nokia with promoting their Lumia devices.

If this is true than this will be the second big take over in the mobile world after Google and Motorola. This is what all those patent law suits do, they force big companies to buy a big patent portfolio. Which makes it a shame because another big brand is been taking over and loses their real roots!

What do you think about all this???

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