Samsung and update to Bada 2.0


Last updated: February 17th, 2013 at 11:43 UTC+02:00

Samsung and update to Bada 2.0
Lots of people complained about updating their Wave and Wave2 devices to Bada 2.0
In general it just takes too long for the official updates to roll out.
The convenient question arrises immediately : Why ?
For us its relatively simple. Bada 2.0 for Europe has been finished some time ago.
As most of you may know we released updates steadily. Unfortunately still there are no “official” updates.
Samsung now announced to start the roll out of bada 2.0 updates Q1 of 2012 for wave devices and more.
This is almost a year after the announcement of Bada 2.0 !

But what can we actually believe in all this? Is Samsung this slow or are these just good sales tactics?
According to one of our “insiders” the roll out of Bada  2.0 shouldve started Q3/Q4 2011.
Not bad looking at all the leaked ROMs we offer allready.
Unfortunately this also proved to be not reliable information.
When we asked Samsung Benelux for clarification they stated it to be planned for November.
Now that the year has almost passed its more likely to hit Q1 2012…
Samsung will provide Bada 2.0 exclusively 2/3 months for Wave3, WaveM and WaveY.
This will be good for Samsung sales, in a store youll probably decide to buy a bada 2.0 device then one running older software.
Also Samsung will slowly stop producing the older Wave devices.
So the long waiting can be good for commercial reasons but not for the true Bada users.
Something which Apple and Google take on from a whole different approach.
Unfortunately both companies are legends in software bussiness and Samsung is just not there yet.

When will Bada 2.0 arrive in your oppinion?
Looking back at all expectation and info leaks we think its safe to say it will arrive Q1 2012.
And yes thats almost a full year after the announcement.
Samsung states Bada 2.0 will roll out for the following devices:
Wave, Wave II, Wave 723 ,Wave 578 and Wave 575.

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