A new 360-degree camera possibly being developed by Samsung

Samsung unveiled its new Gear 360 (2017) VR camera alongside the Galaxy S8 back in March this year. It’s capable of shooting true 4K video in 360-degrees. The camera’s predecessor could only shoot 360-degree video in “near-4K.” The Gear 360 (2017) became available for purchase just a few months ago. It’s now being offered as a pre-order incentive to Galaxy Note 8 customers.

It appears that Samsung has a new 360-degree camera in the pipeline. The company has filed for a new trademark for “360 Round.” This suggests that it’s readying another VR camera for launch. There aren’t a lot of details available about this product right now.

The trademark listing reveals that the 360 Round carries model number SM-R260. It could very much be related to Samsung’s Gear 360 lineup because the existing camera’s model number is SM-R210. Samsung hasn’t confirmed anything about it as yet, though.

It’s unclear when the Gear Round might be unveiled by Samsung. It’s due to launch new products at its IFA 2017 event later this week. Perhaps we’ll hear more about its new 360-degree camera in Berlin.

What we do know is that Samsung is going to unveil a new Gear Sport smartwatch at IFA 2017. It will also talk about its updated fitness tracking wearable device, the Gear Fit2 Pro.


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