Galaxy Note 8 pre-order gifts include a Gear 360 camera but not if you’re in the EU

Samsung is keeping up with its tradition of offering gifts to customers who pre-order its latest flagship smartphone. It has confirmed today the various gifts that Galaxy Note 8 pre-order customers will get if they put money down for the handset.

Pre-order customers in the United States and other launch markets will receive a choice. They can either opt for a Gear 360 (2017) VR camera which costs $229 or a bundle which contains a 128GB microSD card and a convertible fast wireless charging pad.

Customers in the EU will not receive the same pre-order gifts, though. Those who put money down for a Galaxy Note 8 in markets across Europe will be offered a DeX dock instead. I’m sure many would rather prefer to get a new Gear 360 camera but for some reason, Samsung isn’t extending the same courtesy to them.

Samsung’s carrier and retail partners will start taking pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 8 from tomorrow. Pricing is going to vary by market. The company has confirmed that its new flagship smartphone is going to be released worldwide on September 15.


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Singapore also offers DeX, but the former Note7 users didn’t get the offer for a discounted Note8.


As far as Samsung is concerned the users of the Note 7 have all had their money back etc and have been compensated. So in their eyes, they’ve done their job. Yes, it’s not ideal, but almost all phones were returned, new contracts were cancelled with no cost so they really don’t offer us anything. And yes I was an owner of an N7.


f..k them, us will get 360 camera and eu usefull dex, and same with colors country xy will get color A,B and country yx will have colors D,A…………… why not all colors for all markets, and why not gear 360 for all, waiting for LG V30 or pixel xl2, this is the same as s8+ just bigger screen and smaller battery anddd thiss fingerprint reader 🙂 🙂 🙂 i wouldn t be suprised if they would place it beetween this two cameras 😀