The missing features that can make Samsung’s foldables exceptional


Last updated: April 23rd, 2021 at 18:54 UTC+02:00

Samsung is expected to unveil its next entries in the Galaxy Z lineup in just a few months from now, yet somehow the company has managed to keep most details under wraps. A few alleged bits of information have emerged over the past few weeks and months, but we still can’t be absolutely certain of where Samsung will push the Galaxy Z line next.

What we do know, however, is where we would like to see the Galaxy Z series go, even if it might not be entirely possible yet due to technical limitations, time constraints, or other factors. Either way, here’s our wishlist for the Galaxy Z family of devices moving forward.

An IP rating or some form of improved resistance against the elements

None of Samsung’s foldable devices that have been released so far benefit from an IP rating, but we’re hoping that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and / or the Galaxy Z Flip 2 will change this. And the good news is that an IP rating might not be so far-fetched. It could become a reality sooner rather than later.

A hopeful report suggested that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will boast splash proofing not long ago, though SamMobile later learned that both the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 2 should have an IP rating. It might not be IP68 but it should provide some level of protection.

Better hinge protection in the long run

Along with an IP rating, we’re hoping that the Galaxy Z Flip 2 and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will improve the protection of the hinge to prevent foreign particles from seeping in. The Galaxy Z Flip’s hinge doesn’t seem to pose any problems, but several Galaxy Z Fold 2 owners have experienced issues with the hinge in the long run after months of usage.

This issue hasn’t become very evident, but maybe that’s because the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is still a fairly rare phone that doesn’t break sales / shipment records. Had it been more popular, this problem may have become a lot more apparent for more users.

Whatever inherent issue the Galaxy Z Fold 2 hinge may have, it can sometimes lead to it having a limited motion when unfolding the device, thus preventing it from unfolding all the way through, as if debris got stuck inside the hinge. Evidently, we’re hoping that Samsung will find the cause of the problem and address it for the sequel.

S Pen support for the Galaxy Z Fold 3

The book-like form factor of the Galaxy Z Fold series seems like it’s the perfect match for the S Pen, and for this reason, many foldable enthusiasts have been waiting for the moment when the Galaxy Z Fold lineup will gain S Pen compatibility.

That moment could unravel later this year, as per a few reports hinting that Samsung might be able to add a digitizer to its foldable display.

It’s worth noting that even if the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will have an S Pen, it might not have a dedicated S Pen slot. Instead, Samsung could release the S Pen as an optional accessory a la Galaxy S21 Ultra. Either way, chances of the S Pen coming to the Galaxy Z Flip series anytime soon are minimal.

Better main cameras and an in-display selfie sensor

The camera setups on both the Galaxy Z Flip and the Galaxy Z Fold 2 leave something to be desired, especially considering their launch prices. The Galaxy Z Fold 2’s telephoto sensor was fairly old even when the foldable device was brand-new, and the Galaxy Z Flip lacks a telephoto and / or macro camera altogether. We believe it’s crucial for the upcoming models to improve upon the main camera system.

On the more wishful thinking side of things, in-display camera technology would represent a significant upgrade for the foldable scene, though this technology might not be ready for the consumer market before the end of the year. We can only hope.

Improved and / or larger cover displays

Although the Galaxy Z Fold 2’s cover display is a little annoying given its odd aspect ratio, it’s still a whole lot more usable than the Galaxy Z Flip’s cover display, which clocks in at a mere 1.1-inch diagonal.

That’s not to say there’s no room for improvement for the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s cover display. On the contrary, we’re hoping that Samsung will be able to give the cover display a higher 120Hz refresh rate to match the foldable panel.

At the same time, we’re hoping that the Galaxy Z Flip 2’s cover display will get at least a little bit larger for better usability.

Improved battery life

Recent evidence suggests that the Galaxy Z Flip 2 and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will boast dual-battery systems similar to their predecessors. Perhaps too similar. The Galaxy Z Flip 2 might have a combined battery capacity of 3,300mAh same as the original Flip, whereas the Galaxy Z Fold 3 could have a smaller battery than the ongoing model by around 200mAh.

If battery capacities won’t improve then we’re hoping that the upcoming models in the Galaxy Z lineup will at least provide better autonomy on a single charge through optimizations.

We’re not sure if Samsung can do much on the software side of things in less than a year, but both phones are expected to feature 5nm-based chipsets which should be more power-efficient than the 7nm solutions.

More colors and customization options

The Galaxy Z Flip and the Galaxy Z Fold 2 aren’t the most colorful Samsung smartphones on the market, but we wish they were. The Galaxy Z Flip, in particular, is a much more fashion-oriented device and it could greatly benefit from more colors and customization options.

Samsung has already introduced hinge color options for the Galaxy Z Fold 2, so we’re hoping that the company will make this service available for prospective Galaxy Z Flip 2 buyers. More so, we wish that the company will give customers more control over how they may want to mix and match their colors.

If all that fails, we believe that the company should at least explore new accessory ideas and fashion collabs for both foldable models.

Lower launch prices

Last but certainly not least, we’re still hoping that Samsung will somehow manage to lower the launch price for the upcoming Galaxy Z models, though the chance of this happening is fairly slim.

Smartphone OEMs don’t usually lower their prices unless they’re pressured to do so, and because Samsung had a monopoly over the segment early-on, it didn’t necessarily feel any pressure to make its foldable devices more affordable.

However, with competition from China heating up, we’re hoping that Samsung will at least consider making its foldable lineup easier to obtain by more prospective buyers this year.

What would you add to your wishlist for the Galaxy Z family of devices? Are you more of a fan of the Galaxy Z Fold formula or do you prefer the Galaxy Z Flip’s clamshell design, and in what ways do you think Samsung should improve the sequels? Feel free to join us in the comment section below.

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