Samsung suppliers drooling over the Galaxy A range

Samsung’s newly debuted Galaxy A range of devices is making some of its closest suppliers rather excited about their business prospects. Particularly following the tech giant’s first-quarter performance report from early April. Between the early release of the Galaxy S21 range and a number of more aggressive smartphone promotions targeting the most competitive markets in the world, Samsung hasn’t looked this hungry in a while now.

Hungry to once again cement its spot as the world’s largest smartphone marker by the end of the year, that is. And now, the Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72 are promising to help drive that point home.

Are mid-rangers the key to Samsung’s continued dominance in this decade?

Sources from Samsung’s supply chain are also hopeful about what the ultra-competitive Galaxy A series means for their bottom lines.

A number of component manufacturers badly needs a win following not just last year’s panic, but Samsung’s growingly synergistic view of logistics; the thing making it rely on its sister companies way more than it used to in the past. As an example, the word on the street is that its camera module purchases took a six-percent dive throughout the first quarter of the year.

This level of anticipation isn’t entirely unprecedented in any bar the most entry-level of smartphone price ranges. And yet the overall optimism surrounding the Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72 is surely underlined by how erratically unpredictable last year was in terms of business results.

But it’s not just the camera tech that’s now promising to revitalize Far Eastern businesses. The prospects of even more astonishing OLED screens are up there, as well – excellent OLED screens are offered by both 2021 additions to the Galaxy A family, which starts at under $350 depending on the market.

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